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Townsville day trip - Dad reminiscing at the Sea View Hotel

Dad's old dingy digs at the Sea View Hotel

We had planned to head West to Richmond/Hughenden and Winton to explore the Dinosaur fossils but we have had to go into Townsville to go to the dentist, collect mail, stock up on more library books, get the car serviced, and most recently, get a pair of glasses fixed before we head west! We also need to get the connection on our solar panels resolved. It had been severed in Mackay and we had it replaced, but we are still having issues. I was being blamed for overloading the fridge and freezer stocking up before we headed west - but it is not my fault!!I think I have done pretty well adjusting from a 500 litre fridge down to a 60 litre one!

Rollingstone is about 40 minutes north of Townsville and I had heard about the Rollingstone Dog friendly Big 4 right on the beach. So that is where we are staying. The boys have been in the pool each day which is great - it was a bit too cold at Charters and Airlie. The facilities are the best we have come across.

We headed into Townsville yesterday and went to the Sea View Hotel where Simon played in a band when he was 21. "Gee Dad that was....33 years ago!" came Daniel's reply. The band had a regular spot for a number of weeks and stayed at the accommodation above the pub - it is still there...we have inside shots as well, but I have spared you from seeing the asbestos #@!& hole!

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