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We bade farewell to Cardwell and headed for the Daintree River.

The further North we go the greener the vegetation becomes. It is delightful seeing the rainforests and sugar-cane fields under cane.

Driving through Cairns brought back some memories of when we lived there 30+ years ago.

One of the really impressive sights was how much of our good tax dollars are being spent by the Government in Townsville and Cairns. Massive new buildings and one site we drove past in Cairns was over 1 kilometre of Army Base with its own golf course, running track etc. It is right next door to the university and hospital so it is very well placed for the families that live on base.

Driving out of Cairns we encountered something new for us which was the 25 kilometres of World Heritage highway that runs along the Coast North of Cairns heading to Port Douglas. The highway isn't new to us but it wasn't World Heritage listed last time we were on it. The highway also abuts the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef so the locals make a lot of noise about these two adjoining World Heritage jewels of Australia.

Another change that we noticed was the highway that now runs West of all the Cairns Northern Beaches suburbs. The road to Port Douglas used to run through a lot of the beach suburbs.

One of the most picturesque spots along the coast road between Cairns and Port Douglas was Ellis Beach. As we turned a corner on the highway this lovely piece of coastline opened up before us. It was breath-taking.

We arrived on the Southern end of Mossman at around lunch time. The most convenient spot we could find to park was on the edge of old mate's cane farm just near a new Woolworths store. After lunch we stocked up the pantry and headed off to Daintree.

Arrived in Daintree early afternoon to settle in for a relaxing week.

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