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Giraffe trying to drink the water

Hippo heading back in

Hippo yawn

Cape Buffalo

Mama and baby cheetah

The baby thinks it can climb trees like a leopard!

Mama cheetah

Amazingly regal looking

Baby cheetah running along the road

It’s now Monday afternoon (2pm local time). Found out the internet has been down for a few days – hoping now that it’s Monday it will get fixed today!

We didn’t get to see the cheetah yesterday, but we did this morning – more on that later! On our afternoon drive we saw wildebeest, more giraffes – this time drinking at the watering hole. That is so funny – they look like they’re about to tip over since they’re so tall! We also got to see the hippos – there were about 8 of them in the water, including some babies. One was on the bank so we got to see it out of the water and then walk back into the water – they are so big!! Seeing them yawn is great – they have such huge teeth!

The leopard had been heard giving its call around dusk, so we spent about an hour with 3 other vehicles chasing it down. It was fully dark when we finally gave up – it was playing with us! It was kind of exciting – being quiet listening for its call and then rushing to where we heard it. And the kudu and impala would “bark” – a warning that a predator is nearby.

Early morning drive today – picked up at 6. But it was so worth it – the mama cheetah and her cub were out playing. It was awesome – the baby is only 4 weeks old. The mom is very relaxed around the vehicles so we were able to get pretty close to it. The baby was so cute – jumping through the grass, climbing trees, running around its mom. When they would get separated in the grass the baby would just stay where he was and cry out. He sounded like a bird – and that’s so the other predators don’t know that there’s a cub around.

We didn’t see anything else new this morning, but did see more of the animals that we saw yesterday plus a few really cool birds.

I guess the elephants are “on vacation” now – they are in the valley (that we are looking over in our new lodge) where the vehicles can’t go. They’ve been down there about 2 weeks and will come out periodically and you can see them from afar. But our guide tells us that when they are on the reserve and walking they will come to the truck and sniff us out – we have to be quiet and still when they do that – I really hope we get to experience it!

We switched lodges after our morning game drive to the Game Lodge, which is beautiful. We have a room overlooking the pool and the valley. I had read that we should stay at both since our first one had zebra roaming the grounds and crocodiles there (fenced in of course), plus it was the original train station turned game lodge from the 40’s. But this one is newer with amazing views.

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