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Old Railroad Depot

Ice Cream Shop


There are two tracks outside the fence.

Entrance to the River took us under the railroad tracks

Park right at the Hudson River.


The Parrott Gun


You can see the Marina from the park

My brother, Paul, would like this one!

You can see the Cadet Chapel at West Point



We loved the Beat Air Force sign on this West Point Building!



Quaint buildings in town across from the park

Back down the stairs we go








This pretty area is next to the restaurant gardens.


A couple of nice antique cars

1911 Ford

Main Street


Today we headed for one of the quaint little towns in the area, the town of Cold Spring. Cold Spring is a true railroading town. The West Point Foundry designed the famous steam locomotive "DeWitt Clinton". It was the first successful railroad steam engine built in the US. The track past Cold Spring and was opened in 1949. The railroad became the York Central in 1869 and then Amtrak in the 70's.

There is the old Railroad Depot that was built as a passenger and freight terminal in 1885 by Cornelius Vanderbilt in Cold Spring. It became a restaurant in 1972 and the outdoor park was created in 1986. The structure of the Depot is essentially the same as when it was built.

On this corner overlooking the Depot is the Ice Cream Shop which kept calling me but I am happy to say I ignored it!

The entrance to the River took us under the railroad tracks. Of course, we had to see it so we went to the river. Cold Spring has a beautiful little park right at the Hudson River. After we walked down the steps, it was just a couple of blocks to the park.

On the way back, we decided we would stop for an iced tea at the Cold Springs Depot. They had some nice outdoor seating and it is a beautiful day! As we sat drinking our iced tea, several trains went whizzing by. We found out from our table placement that 68 commuter, freight and cross-country Amtrak trains speed by the Depot every day at speeds of up to 115 MPH. That comes out to one train just about every 10 to 15 minutes. We can testify that the wind really gusts when these trains come flying by and it seemed to me that they came at a faster rate than every 10 minutes!

There were a lot of antique shops on Main Street but, of course, we aren't into that any more since we'd have no place to put them. They would have drawn us in a few years back!

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