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Just a couple of photos of the meeting on Sunday. I gave the Word at communion and we had testimonies and highlights from camp in the second meeting. Matt and Stevie Rose will be here soon and Pr Jock and Hellen Duncan the week after I believe.

I have had a blast, but am so looking forward to getting home and seeing my son and his new wife, and my sister and her family and of course all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am in serious need of gum trees, space, blue skies, my own food vegemite orange juice weet-bix and more that one week on the same side of the road, the same language and the same money hahahaha. Will be spending a few quiet days here just to finish off.

will have tea with Anthony and Racheal on Tuesday night, a midweek meeting on Wednesday night and then off to the airport to fly out via Dubai just after lunch time here on Thursday getting me home on Friday night and to a meeting at Elizabeth (my first for 3 months) on Sunday.

I hope everyone has enjoyed following this journey. The saints here have been fantastic, so uplifting and I will be bringing loads of treasured memories home with me.

It is such a unique thing that we have in this fellowship where you lob across the world, visit assemblies in Holland, UK, Ireland Czech and 2 camps with saints from all corners of the globe ..... and 1 Corinthians 1:10. Even brothers and sisters that you just meet are old and firm friends because of the common salvation that the Bible talks of, that we have all had the same experience that the Lord said we should. I have met brothers and sisters from Aruba, USA, UK, Holland, Czech republic, Switzerland, Hungary Fiji, Africa, Ireland, France, Germany, others I may have just forgotten and of course from all over OZ. Same experience, Same hope. I think Ashyln O'Callaghan flies home on Thursday also so keep her in your prayers.

see you soon (maybe another post or 2) but if not,

God Bless Grant

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