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Set up to watch the sunset

Headed to the tip of the thumb

Looking over Green Bay

Oh those cheese curds!!

Must be a Packers Fan

Lambeau Field

Patti and Molly next to George Calhoun

Caves along Lake Michigan

Good use of the Lake Michigan stones

For our next trip on the Great Lakes!

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Any place would be better to be in than Minneapolis and Sturgeon Bay in Door County is certainly one of those places. Door County is very much like Cape Cod in that you can spend the day riding to all the little seaside towns and stopping to take pictures.

As you know Wisconsin is known for cheese. Well, do you know what a cheese curd is? I had heard of them before but never knew what they were. So for those of you who don't know....cheese curds are little bite sizes pieces of "squeeky" cheddar cheese before it is packaged into blocks. The freshness only lasts for a day or so and you can tell if it is fresh when you bite into it and it squeeks against your teeth when you are chewing. No Squeek, No Eat! Dennis bought a bag of them and guess what? he is going to have to eat all of them. Only tried one, but it did not have any taste and yes, it actually squeeks against your teeth when you chew them. I liken the taste to eating "Pop Rocks" candy. The aged cheddar block cheese is much better.

We went to Green Bay and were surprised to see that it is actually a very small city. For some reason, because they have the Packers there we thought it would be larger. Not a lot going on there and as a matter of fact, it didn't look like a major league city, certainly not compared to Tampa or Philly. But the fans are rabid and Green and Yellow is everywhere.

Cherry you have my attention. Wow! We didn't realize that this area of Wisconsin is known for its tart cherry fruit. Besides corn, there are acres of cherry trees. We stopped at a roadside market and bought delicious fruits, vegetables and a cherry pie. It is delicious! Also great cherry donuts, we went back for a second half dozen. The other item you see here is wine. There are wineries in all the small towns. Couldn't resist and bought several bottles. Should go well with the cheddar and the remaining curds.

One more thing, beautiful weather here. Wish it were like this our whole temperatures are in mid 70's and at night it goes down into 50's. Great sleeping weather!

Tomorrow we drive across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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