Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Crawford Creek camp - storm brewing in the east

Crawford Creek - Swallow nests in shelter

Pete's gift to fellow campers

Mesa with Age of Dinosaurs on top

Pete at Age of Dinosaurs

Age of Dinosaurs - petrified branch

Age of Dinosaurs - Dinosaur bones

Age of Dinosaurs - volunteers cleaning bones

Age of Dinosaurs - view from top of Mesa

Di at Age of Dinosaurs

Pete at Waltzing Matilda Centre at Winton

Truck Museum at Winton

Winton - Musical Fence Instruments

We bought some Shoo Roos before leaving Longreach to stick on the bumper bar and hopefully deter kangaroos from jumping in front of us. We used them on our last trip and thought they worked, so here's hoping. Our next stop was a free camp next to the highway, we picked a spot next to a shelter shed in which swallows had build massive mud nests. They looked rather impressive. Pete had the fire going so was a happy camper and I got Pete to donate his Viagra clock to the shelter shed so I was a happy camper.

We are now in dinosaur country and visited the Age of Dinosaurs located east of Winton. The landscape is basically flat plains with these mesa's shooting up out of the ground. We had to drive about eleven km's on a dirt road, unhitch the van ( hope no one steals it) then drive up a steep incline to the top of a large mesa calles 'jump ups'. We were taken on two tours, told all about dinosaurs in this area, which is home to the world's largest collection of Australia dinosaur fossils, shown and touched dinosaur bones and watched the workers cleaning up the bones and putting them together like a jig saw. A very time intensive operation. I decided not to do the course as I think it would send me over the edge completely. ( Pete agreed)

It was so interesting and we learnt so much. The view was amazing overlooking endless outback plains. Our van was still there in the parking area so we hitched up and went on our merry way into Winton. We stayed in a camp area behind this old style pub in Winton for two nights, showers provided but non powered sites.

We visited the Waltzing Matilda Centre which was full of information about Swagman and very interesting things from times gone by. There was a Qantas section as Winton was the home of Qantas. Pete visited a Truck Museum which he enjoyed enormously. They have a Musical Fence that we tried to play without much luck, but it instruments sure looked interesting. There was an open air theatre which still operates but some of the deck chairs look a little suss.... There was a huge deck chair on display that needed some TLC. It was very interesting looking around the museum.

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