Sue and John to the Birdsville Races 2014 travel blog

Yeppoon beachfront - looking South

Yeppoon beachfront - looking North

Yeppoon main beach

Quaint RSL in Yeppoon

JB on Kimka Beach - its got to be cold - JB...

Choppy waters at Kinka Beach

Kinka Beach -last sun of the day

We arrived at the park in Kinka Beach mid afternoon and to our surprise had been allocated the smallest site in the park and our van was by far the biggest. Great fun navigating between overhanging trees, poles and raised concrete slabs. All went well with expert guidance from Sue who is becoming quite handy at guiding me into sites, even if sometimes she hides behind the van where I can't see or hear her.

After setting up the van we decided it was time for a wine or two and in keeping with the culture within the nomadic fraternity we did justice to it and quietened the nerves.

Kinka Beach is a little seaside village about 45 klms East North East of Rockhampton, 5 Klms North of Emu Park and 15 klms South of Yeppoon. Quite a pretty spot and we can only imagine that when it isn't windy it would be a wonderful spot to walk, fish and swim. We were a little unlucky with the weather and had a 25 knot Southerly pushing along the front so our regular walks were done with the first half into the breeze and the walk home at double pace buffeted by the winds.

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