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he really likes the coatí tee..

ghost town

at least this doesn't close in winter!

So we finally managed to tear ourselves away from Punta del Diablo... I'll never forget the sight of our main man Mauro hanging out of his truck window yelling "ENJOY LIFE!!!!" as he sped away after dropping us off at the bus stop. Enjoy life. Sometimes broken English says it best.

Alas, we traveled 2 hours down the coast to another Punta. To put it simply, Punta del Este looked like Miami after an apocalypse. Not the fire-and-brimstone kind, the creepy "where is everyone" kind. The glitzy, polished, resort was a ghost town. All but two hostels were closed for the season, as well as our much anticipated surf-rental shop :'(!! Guess the "surf in Uruguay" bucket list item will have to remain unchecked for now... all the more reason to come back to Uruguay in the summer :)

At least the famous Brava Beach hand statue stays open year round!

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