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A multi-level bicycle parking pile

OK - now where did I park mine, and what did it...

The Centrum Bar

Clowns galore

and more

a close-up

Finished our self-guided architectural walking tour of Den Haag, and serendipitously there's the Den Haag office of the travel bureau in Delft with whom we had yesterday discussed the travel to Estonia. In we go and an hour later, after exploring multiple scenarios, finalize on flying to Tallinn, Estonia and 2 weeks later flying from Vilnius, Lithuania to Berlin. What happens, and when and where we go between the two will be revealed in due course; i.e., we'll wing it !

The Centrum Bar is the oldest bar in Den Haag owned by the same family. It is a small, clown-filled (and yes, some of the patrons !) neighborhood pub filled with 'everyone knows everyone' locals. Their beer was about half price to all the other local pubs; no mortgage!!

Flight to Tallinn tomorrow morning

Ciao for now

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