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Lidia on Delft Canal Bridge

Bit o' cheese anyone ?

Delft Town Hall

Church on opposite end of town square

Strolling down a small street

Just a lovely Delft view

Old City canal gate

A friendly duck

A bird of another feather

A fowl crowd

Check out my new shoes !

Are YOU talkin' to ME ?

Old Town Gate

The 'Old' Church

Typical Delft street view

An old trading house

Just a quiet little canal/street

Took a train from Den Haag to Delft for a day's excursion; about $8 each and a 45 minute ride. Delft is much smaller than Den Haag ( which is 3rd largest city in Netherlands). It is a really quaint, quiet (even with the tourists) picturesque town. The bricked town center square is quite large for such a small town. Town hall at one end and church at the other. While we were walking about the square a soprano and a tenor were practising for that evening's opera performance. So we had a seat and enjoyed some very informal opera, for which the 'audience' applauded, much to the pleasure of the performers.

The other performers were the ducks - of which there were at least 5 or 6 different species hanging out in a small canal front park.

Walking back for the train to Den Haag we passed a travel agency that had a poster for Estonia. As we had intentions of visiting there we stopped in to check on travel options. Decided that the best plan would be to fly to Tallinn, Estonia and then make our way back thru Latvia and Lithuania by bus and/or train.

More to come as we finalise that leg of the journey.

A couple more days in Den Haag.

Ciao for now

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