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Anthony and Racheal

Hugo's are for sale everywhere in the world

the latest in German motorcycling

A meeting

This was a serious aerobatics display ... check out the lady in...

half a quartet ... Tom and his daughter Shelly

Pr Peter Visser

Pr Ben, Louisa, Anita and Theresia

Pr Jock relaxing

Hellen about to tuck in to her ice cream

Arno and I hiked 2 hours ... Sound of Music stuff eh?????

Some of the Czech Fellowship ... item at camp

Hi there

I flew back from Prague in the Czech Republic late yesterday. I have picked up a bit of a cold to go with my throat infection so dragging the chain a bit but I will survive. What little brain I have is not working that well so I will keep this short. I have attached a few photos of my time at Summer Camp in Germany. It was a great camp and got to see lots of old friends and make HEAPS of new ones. Talks were fantastic on the theme of CHOICES

testimonies prayer and fellowship, everything you would want. I flew with Anthony and Rachael Brereton from Dublin to Frankfurt then we trained and vehicled to the camp.

will post another one with a few Czech photos.

God Bless Grant

can you all tell Tim to check his email and reply to me ... thankyou

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