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“Aren’t you bored?”

“What is there to do out there?”

Those are the two most common questions we hear these days. So I thought I would take a minute to address those thoughts…

No, we really aren’t bored. In fact the days and nights go by pretty quickly. Although Willis generally has more people to visit with during his day shift, I greet a fairly steady stream of workers at night, too. And when we aren’t outside at the gate we are doing what everyone else does… eat, sleep, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

Between the arrivals and departures through our gate Willis reads or studies his Spanish (which he has had occasion to use more than once on this job). He is giving his Kindle and his various book sources a real workout! As for me, I now have time to read (Willis shares his Kindle), play computer games (Sims still keeps me fascinated for hours), organize my thousands of digital pictures, and fuss over Blayde.

In fact, speaking of Blayde, I would speculate that Blayde believes he is now, without a doubt, at the center of our universe since he is receiving so much more “Mommy time” these days. Between all our play times, brushings, trimming, etc., and the fact that we all three are pretty much always together, Blayde is a happy boy. (I know… I can hear you say “Blayde is always happy” and he is… but with us not on the road sightseeing he gets a lot more of my focus… and that makes him SUPER happy!)

So, despite the heat, the dust, and the nearly never-ending wind… we are content. We’ve got each other, our health, and plenty to keep our minds occupied. When this phase of our life’s adventure is completed we will be happy to be back on the road and experiencing more of what is around the next bend… but for now we are simply living in the moment.

Happy Travels,


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