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Ebola and Earthquakes oh my!! Do not despair friends and family, we will be fine! Ebola is only contracted by contact with bodily fluids, which we don't intend to do, and the earthquake may have been one of the bigger ones there recently, but no real damage (centered 105 miles southwest of Jo'burg - and we're only flying in and out of there, not staying!)

The week is a bit stressful for me - trying to wrap up things at the client before I go, living between 2 houses and not knowing what is where for packing, searching for a very specific bathing suit and golf pants....ya I know, life is rough!!

But in just 72 hours we will be boarding the plane to Jo'burg and all will be good....some wine, a good book and many movies (and some ambien!) will get us there.

Cheers and will check in on Friday!


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