Mediterranean Meanderings 2014 travel blog


When riding up and up a long stretch, I rarely look far ahead to see where it ends and just keep plugging along, one pedal-push after another, and try to embrace the muscle burn as much as possible. As long as I keep moving forward, the road will flatten then fall, with balance restored. When people have asked me about the future over the years, I've always found it hard to answer. I graduated from community planning and believe the world works better with a thought out though flexible and reflective process, rather than some liaise faire approach. But for my life, thinking ahead is at best a few months at a time and usually a few weeks or days. As with this trip, it's more often inspiration over a planned future. Maybe there is a risk to this way of living. More forethought would have meant I'd not have run low on water the other day. But then I wouldn't have had special encounters with kind strangers. I probably wouldn't have married if I'd given it too much thought, and then there'd be no Alex or Nicholas to grace my life.

Cars that pass me seem to be speeding into the future, and erasing the past just as fast. The eyes of drivers usually look further down the road to the approaching horizon and the horizon beyond that. Maybe this is also why there is more roadside garbage on main rather than rural roads. The place is soon irrelevant. But on a bicycle, time slows and the immediacy of the pavement conditions, the landscape, the air prevails. This type of travel definitely suits me.

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