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Mojave's airport

The little visitor's center

This pic explains the next picture

Ha! This is the next picture

And likewise

Both of these models were in a glassed building/room and it was...

The most impressive, size-wise.

It greets you as you arrive at the airport

Located at the far end of the airport

A little jewel

These guys have the right stuff.

This is Mojave

This is an "artistic" view of the airport. Mojave lies directly behind...

Exploring is the favorite part of my trips.

Mojave "art"

Mojave "tree"

Ha! I found California City

There's a strip mall...

and a divided boulevard

and a nifty cactus

Yep, that's my spot in Mojave at the Sierra Trails RV Park

Boots knows everything that goes on

Oh! Since, you're home, Grandma, I'll find a toy and we can...

Don't get your hopes up for some nifty photos. First, it was a gloomy gloomy raindrops fell intermittently throughout the day. I doubt the total was measureable, but still it rained and this desert town only gets about 5" a year. Dark menacing skies. I got an emergency warning siren and scroll on the TV for flash floods further south. Second, it's Mojave, and unfortunately it's not what I would consider a pretty town or countryside. But still, I enjoyed my mini explorations and Boots was watching out his window when I got home.

Again, the day did not begin as I would have liked. My Check Engine light came on in the truck. I went to town and got diesel, it was still on. I called a service guy and made an appt. for 7 a.m. tomorrow. The third and fourth times I restarted the engine after stops, the light did NOT come on. Whether I take it in or not will depend on whether it's on at 6:30 tomorrow morning. Just had a thorough inspection last week at the Chevy dealer in Oakdale and got a clean bill of health.

The interesting part of today was driving around the Mojave Air and Space Port (the airport), stopping at their little visitor's center and taking a dirt road to see a different view of the airport. After Mojave (it's only a few blocks long) I drove to see what a town would look like when somebody decided to name it California City. I saw it and since I couldn't imagine why it was thusly named, I looked it up on Wikipedia. If you might check it out. Edwards Air Force Base produces most of the population of California City. (One interesting fact: in geographical area, it is the 3rd largest city in the state!!)

My truck has been so faithful, I'm sure hoping it was a fluke that sparked that light.

I'll, of course, keep you posted. Tonight is my second and last night in this "RV" park.

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