Mediterranean Meanderings 2014 travel blog



I don't know what I was thinking when I reserved a B&B just outside of Sciacca, in Casa San Marco. Well, I guessed I was simply seduced by the pictures of the beach and sunset. The reality surpasses the image, but does the end justify the means, the destination the journey? Today, as I've spent the day swimming and lounging on the shore and enjoying a beautiful sunset, and now wait fresh fish and grilled vegetables, sipping on a glass of dry white Sicilian wine, I'd say yes; yesterday after an almost 9 hr. 130 km ride into a constant headwind through rolling hills on a fairly busy roadway, no way.

Yet along the way I received calls of encouragement, met a delightful family in Montallegro that gave me two bottles of water (as stores close here from 12:00-4:00, which I must soon get used to), and crossed paths with Johnny, from Torino, who was himself on a solo cycling tour of Italy. We could commiserate about conditions and swap information about the road ahead. He was the first cyclist I've spotted touring. Others have been road racers or mountain bikers. It seems like it's not a popular activity, at least in this part of Italy. So I must appear quite an odd curiosity, which is actually how I view myself. A week from 54 and I'm still more like a boy on his first adventure.

Should I have graduated by now? I just think we are certain of only this life and it has so many experiences to offer if we don't fear the unknown. I'm far from fearless: I grip my handlebars tightly and have my fingers on my breaks as I roll downhill. But I prefer to see the unknown or the lesser known as a curious story with an open ending that awaits my chapter and interpretation, not something prescribed.

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