Steve & Julie's US trip, 2014 travel blog

Julie in front of the fog

Sea fog

Us above the fog

Juvenile Elephant Seals

Elephant Seals play fighting

On Saturday we set off along the Pacific Coast Highway – what an experience! The sea was covered in fog but when we were high up we looked out over the clouds – it was like being in an aeroplane! This was not the white-knuckle ride I thought it was going to be and we both enjoyed it.

Shortly before we arrived at our destination – Cambria, we saw a sign for ‘elephant seals’ so we pulled over and walked along the beach to see dozens of enormous elephant seals. There was a guide there, just chatting to people and telling them about the seals. The seals were hunted almost to extinction as their blubber made good oil. In 1996 only 1 seal pup was born on this beach, in 2004 – 2500 were born!

Latest Road-Kill scores from Steve:

Racoons 1 : 5 Skunks

Both teams played flat out.

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