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Hanging bridge

Hanging bridge 2

Rio celeste

Rio Celeste waterfall

July 21st and 22nd finds us exploring the Bijagua region and Parque Volcán Tenorio. This has been a highlight of this trip. Our trek took us to find lodgings in a village up in the mountains of Nicoya, on the Atlantic side of the continental divide, where it is wetter and misty. We landed at the Sueño Celeste Inn where Madame Dominique and Monsieur Daniel took very good care of us in their B&B.

We took the opportunity to hike up to the swinging bridges of Bijagua--a series of suspension bridges spanning over 350 feet over various rain forest canyons filled with monkeys and sloths. We didn't see animals, but the incredible views of orchids, trees, ferns, and canyons made for an incredible day.

We took the next day to explore the foot of Volcán Tenorio National and its famed blue waters of the Rio Celeste. An incredible geological anomaly that could only be cooked up in the mind of God, this dusky blue (Rebecca's color description--Emilia's is light sky blue--Ali's is blue opal--I just know it is blue) river's color does not get its incredible color from reflecting the sun, but rather from a mixture of minerals washed together when the Rio Agrio and Rio Celeste meet together and blend their mountain waters. The color is out of this world! The waters converge at the Pozo Azúl to form a wide lagoon and rush down to the Rio Celeste Waterfalls. Truly tis is a place I will never forget--as I write this now after some adventure (some of it not welcome), I still look back in awe at our great designer and his handiwork.

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