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We drove all day the 23rd to get down towards Somerset and Cornwall area where we are going to be spending a little over a week driving around. We decided to look for a B&B in Portishead which is incredibly beautiful. It's on the water and has lovely parks and high hills with stunning old stone houses, many of which would have made fine B&B's, we thought. But, alas, none of them were. There were NO places to stay in Portishead, aside from a VERY expensive looking hotel. So we were forced to try the next town, and the next and the next. And then Clevedon finally came through for us with the Willow House. A lovely B&B and they had a nice waterfront area with a nice pub. The lady proprietor of the B&B was the sort that's into crystals and such and when she came in to show us how to work the shower, she noticed that I was reading her copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul and said she thought that was a really nice way to start the day. Very nice lady. We had breakfast with Philip, the sci-fi conventioneer who seemed to be quite sweaty in the facial area. Nice guy though. Sweaty, but nice.

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