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Tiki torches jammed into the ground and circling the trailer. Chili pepper lights strung across the awning. Home-style barbeques lashed onto trailer bumpers. Apartment-sized refrigerators placed outside the trailer. Kids zipping through the park on their bikes. Rip-roaring fires on a 70 degree evening.

This describes some of the things we saw during our one-week stay at a city park in Hancock, Michigan. It was our last week in Michigan. We arrived to a nearly empty park on Sunday but by Friday evening the RV park was filled with weekenders. Luckily, our loop really was quiet. The seven sites within our area were filled but everyone was courteous. Guests departed punctually at 10pm and the campers then went to bed. We didn’t have any loud music or parties, thank goodness.

After five weeks, we are now out of Michigan. It is a beautiful state and we have had some wonderful experiences. However, there is one thing that didn’t suit us too well. There aren’t very many RV parks in some of the areas and many of the sites at an RV park are set aside for seasonal campers. That left a limited number of sites available for daily or weekly rentals.

Of course that meant the parks usually filled up – especially on a weekend. Reluctantly we had to make reservations. That really crimps our style. We just don’t know how long we want to stay at an area. We had to skip a section of Michigan due to the limited number of parks and sites available.

Well, we said “Good-bye” to Michigan and made a quick stop in Wisconsin before traveling onto Minnesota. We are now in Ashland, Wisconsin for three nights in a city park along Lake Superior.

All throughout Michigan, we’ve had unseasonably cool temperatures no higher than 70 degrees with low humidity. However, yesterday Ashland was under a heat advisory. The temperature was close to 90 with a heat index of about 95. It was hot, hot, hot and humid! To make things worse, last night we had thunderstorms, heavy rain and wild winds which kept me up for a few hours. The storm passed by mid-morning the next day, temperatures dropped to 70 degrees along with the humidity. Whew, glad that passed!

We have moved from the Eastern to the Central time zone. Mona Lisa's smile is getting bigger with the westward trek!

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