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The next leg of my plan to get to Utila involved getting to Antigua then contacting a tour company to buy tickets for the Hedman Atlas Bus running to La Ceiba. I again wanted to get to Antigua cheap so together with G, we rode chicken buses down. The entire ride began at 5:30am and took 3 hours of low comfort but “vale la pena” (it was worth it) to see Antigua. Literal translation of the name is Old, or the old city. Antigua was Guatemala’s first capital and history has it that it suffered extreme earthquakes every couple of years thus it had to be rebuilt every couple of years. Eventually, the capital was moved to its current location to prevent constantly spending money to rebuild it.

We ended up arriving in the beautiful city of Antigua at about 9:00am spent 30 minutes looking for a hostel and then just walked around. I wanted to do a tour of a coffee plantation so while looking to buy tickets for Hedman Atlas, I looked for information on that too. After an hour of talking to two companies for prices, settling into the hostel and getting some good pancakes with eggs, coffee and bacon, it was time to finalize all the plans and pay. If I remember right, the bus to La Ceiba costs about $68 and the tour to the coffee plantation was canceled due to it being low season. Next step was nap time then more food and a relaxing time on the terrace with a liter of Gallo on hand for it was going to have to be an early night. Departure to La Ceiba was set at 4:00am. Best way to describe Antigua is a beautiful touristy safe old city.

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