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Conwy from Conwy Castle Kings tower

Conwy Castle


what a view

selfie by some one else

is this a rear guard action ?????

Conwy and harbour

Hi All

Today Derek took me to North Wales to Conwy and Conwy Castle. This is one of the most staggering man made sites I have ever seen. The area is really too vast to photograph. I would need to live there for 6 months to even begin to capture what this place has. The Castle stands overpoweringly at one end and the wall runs around the villages for a length of maybe 2km. Then there is the little harbour and all the boats and the buildings on the other side of the bay and the and the and the. The castle is simply amazing. when I climbed to the top of the Kings tower it took my breath away for a while. I am not good on heights and the wall is not very high in front of you, so it took me a time to settle and be able to take the photos. I would have loved to see it at sun up and evening with lights and thunder storms etc etc. Hope you like the photos I got.

Tomorrow bright and early I have to leave Liverpool (which has been so good, but so has everywhere) and fly to Dublin to see Tom and family and the saints there.

Next update from Dublin

God Bless Grant

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