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Margaret and Willie from Liverpool

Frank and Yvonne Goldsworthy Gold Coast assembly

oh, and me. from Elizabeth

Hi There. Spent the morning having a great chat with Pr Lee about all sorts from the scriptures, then I went to visit Margret and Willie Dunwoody. They are a great couple. Margaret has been spiritfilled for years and when they got married, Willie was well into his 60's and Margaret was his first girlfriend. I caught the train to go to their house, and had a great time and was able to fix her computer issues and set her up to access all she wants via the web. What a cool couple. They took me to the meeting where I gave the word and had great fellowship supper afterwards. Today Derek is taking me to see Wales and of course I said "I didn't know they came this far south ?"

I am loving getting comments from many of you, if you haven't yet please do so via the journal page and if you have, then keep them coming. Feel free to invite anyone else to send a request to join via the request link

God bless, chat soon ..... Grant

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