A short Winter Escape travel blog

The way we were

the wheel arch exposed

Hole in the floor

Hole healed over

Starting to look the goods

This is where the table will go.....

or maybe here

Folded ready for desert.....

Well we did get home without a problem, BTW the little coffee shop at the corner of Lachlan Valley Way and the Hwy does a very good Devonshire tea though Gracie was not too enthused by the loose paving blocks she had to walk over to get to it. Its great to be back to brisk mornings and freezing days...

Since returning home I have organised to get a new knee fitted and I'm taking the pre op opportunity to sort out the seating in the van. Not finished yet (edging and screw caps etc to be installed) awaiting the arrival of the chairs from fiasco furniture… We bought the cheap ones, the $1.5k ones of Scandinavian manufacture were not 4 times as comfortable and were leather and I don't think leather in a Van is a practical solution.

I also took the opportunity to rebuild the tri-fold table, it was pure folly; 4g x 12mm screws into end grain on plywood is a disaster waiting to happen… Mind you if I had not bothered to dress my screw heads as I have done my boss would have disciplined me severely. As can be seen I scrapped the piano hinge and built up the edges with 12mm Tassie Oak strips secured with polyurethane glue and screws. This let me use “Proper” 90mm hinges with 8G screws.

Now sometimes as it happens another good idea surfaces during construction. I am now trying to source some sort of system that will allow me to locate the table anywhere along the wall with the ability to move it as desired yet be able to be locked in place for both use and travel. The flat surfaces will need some sort of treatment to prevent abrasion ruining it; maybe all it needs is a clear satin Urethane coating.

Once this is done the Van should be far more comfortable allowing us to sit back in the recliners and watch pixelated TV in the wilderness. Thats another project; I have to design an omnidirectional MIMO antenna for the new 4G WiFi Modem thingy from Testra. I have no expertise in this at all, but necessity is the mother of invention....

OK look at the pictures, they speak a 1000 words

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