Steve & Julie's US trip, 2014 travel blog

Bats roosting (and roasting) outside our condo kitchen.

Manglish spelling.

Biker with reversible jacket.

Julie's 30 year-old car.

Parked police car with blue lights flashing (and policeman asleep in passenger...

A cool quantity of quality sunbeds in Kuantan.

Perhentian Islands - snorkelling paradise.

Lots of boxes.

The Italian Restaurant Band.

Tears and Cheers at the Marriott.

Leaving day came and went as smoothly as it could. The photos show some of our memories -

Saying goodbye to the bats which have roosted outside our kitchen window for the past few years.

Some very dodgy spelling on a pack of Malaysian bagels (oxymoron)?

Every biker in Malaysia has the ability to wear their jacket back-to-front. We never did quite work out why this happened only in Malaysia.

Couldn't resist this photo opportunity of a police car, with blue lights flashing, neatly parked in a local multi-storey car park, with a police officer asleep in the front passenger seat. Wrong on so many levels.

Julie's very old, but very reliable car, which we sold last week.

Fabulous beaches and brilliant snorkelling venues.


The removal men in action. They could hardly contain themselves.

Last night at the Marriott hotel Italian restaurant. The band played "Leaving on a jet plane".

Tears and cheers. Goodbye Malaysia.

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