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Read the PS at the bottom

Colour, flags and noise

what cool bikes

like this in every direction

500cc dynamite with no brakes how cool

not far from the madding crowd

look mum ....

don't let you kids do this

sitting on the bars and the rev limiter

he should of got dressed up a bit

you gotta love 'em

only an American would go out in public like this

flat chat in turn 4

at the tapes

Hi Everyone ... you will need to 2 Corinthins 11:1 with me.

Today was just an amazing day. I have waited over 50 years and it was all and more than I could have imagined. I have been to VFL grand finals AFL matches, Very large concerts, even the Clipsal 500 and the F1 Grand Prix in Adelaide and they all pale against this.

Speedway GP in Cardiff is off the planet. The city is busting out with colour, noise, and people everywhere, and absolutely no trouble. Speedway crowds support different nations and a host of different clubs and riders ... but we all love SPEEDWAY over and above that so there is just an amazing time to be had. I have never felt so safe amongst mayhem in my life. I have included a few snaps of some of the atmosphere I hope you can catch in part ... minus the noise. The guy on the stunt bike is the World Champion Street stunt bike rider what he couldn't do, I guess no one could. Ran into Aussies everywhere, and had a lot of fun with the locals also.

Bright and early in the morning I catch the choo choo back to Liverpool for things far more important, the work of the Lord. Thankyou all for your comments, I am enjoying them so much knowing you are having a great time on our trip to Europe. Keep them coming and post one from the Journal page if you haven't yet.

I don't know if Tim and Nicole are seeing these or not and I cant get in touch so please

tell them I love them so much and miss them heaps.

The only thing that would have made all this better is if a certain person could have come with me, she would have loved all this.

God Bless Chat soon Grant

PS about the photo, what a strange mob, no Sunday meeting, they ride Italian scooters on

Friday evenings and by APPOINTMENT the Pastor will come around and cut you up. Glad I Fellowship where I do !!!!!!!

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