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Walking up to the Light house

Seal Rocks Blowhole

The light house

The actual Seal Rocks...

the private inclinator

Salty Dog Cafe

Off to Seal rocks today (insert here sounds of seals barking) for a look see.

Of course I was really only interested to see the “inclinator” at the lighthouse..... Alas it has been reduced from its Victorian magnificence to an overgrown relic. I remember when the bottom termini was between the two light keepers buildings and there was a sandstone engine house where the Workshop now stands, this apparatus allowed the light keeper to ascend to the base of the tower without having to scramble up the hill at shift change in the middle of the night... Now its all overgrown and looks like it was last used when the light was converted to automatic operation. There was originally another “inclinator” down to a wharf where the building supplies were landed... There is a private Inclinator to a residence that I photographed that still looks serviceable...

Anyway the views from up on the point are quite sublime with stunning coastal scenery to north and south.

After our 1.2km round trip walk we headed back to “The Salty Dog” for a late lunch. It was still busy when we got there, very popular. Maybe because the seafood is so good?

When we eventually got back to the Van Park I took Gracie for a walk to the beach, her friend Molly joined us for a play but Gracie is a bit overwrought by Molly who just launches herself at Gracie; causing much confusion as she is the “top dog”. Last time we stayed here there were rabbits everywhere but now numbers are much reduced possibly to a fox living in the dunes. Coming back along the track a fox ran from right to left on the path, Gracie saw it and gave chase, got to the place where the fox disappeared into the scrub and turned the opposite way. All I saw for a while was a black tail scrub-bashing away from the fox....... She would only have wanted to sniff it and play if she had caught up with the fox....

The Tuncurry Bowlo or the Sporties for lunch tomorrow is the big question...

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