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Built for Festival by group of campers

Group Campers, squaring off campers

Group forming private area

Tuesday, June 24. Stayed at campsite all day, watching campers moving in. Noticed many of the campers bringing their own mowers to mow their campsite since the grass was a little high. We kept thinking we should go ask one of them if we could borrow their mower, but Bill was not keen on the idea. We drove around all the campgrounds, noticing how many of the campers had brought large swimming pools, setting them up at their campsites, many groups of campers were setting up their campers in a square format with a picnic table in the middle so they made their own private campsite. But the most impressive was when we saw 4-5 guys building a large deck around a large above ground pool with a large walk-up bar with a tent cover and when we asked them about it, they responded with “this is what you get when you have money.” The guys confirmed that it will be torn down after the festival in 4-days. Later we walked by again to check out the progress and the deck was also freshly painted. Wow, couldn’t imagine spending money on something so extravagant for just 4-days.

We’ll be checking this place out throughout the festival to see how many people enjoy this temporary build out. We met Kyle driving around on his John Deere small mowing tractor, and Bill went over to ask him if he would mow our campsite. We at first thought maybe Kyle worked for the concert organizers, but learned later that he and his wife lived just 10 minutes away and have been attended the festival for 12-years, since graduating from high school. Kyle was a nice young-man and said he doesn’t charge to mow campsites, so Bill offered him a beer which he accepted, and Karen gave him $5.00 for his generosity. Kyle was a nice young man and said he was a tour guide at the Leinenkugel Brewery that we had toured earlier and discussed the different brands which he was quite knowledgeable about. He said he would bring his wife over to meet us at some point over the next 4-days. Kyle reminded us of our wonderful boys! We met the campers across the road from us, Rick & Kris who are from Rice Lake, MN and this was their first time to attend this festival although they are only about an hour away. Rick and Kris gave us a few places that they thought we should visit while touring the area. One of which was Duluth, WI which is close to Canada and an area they were already considering. Tuesday night was another night that we experienced heavy rain, we think we’re at about 4-5 nights of waking up to a thunderstorm since beginning our road-trip.

Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

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