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Two Hot Chicks at Old Bar

Looking South Forster is way back in the background

War Graves at Old Bar

We had an exciting day today, found a super retirement village at Hallidays Point; http://hallidayshores.com.au/

Very nice indeed with potential for easy resale when you errr “depart” one way or another and simple exit fees structure. All the villas are not built eave to eave either and all have a striking outlook over a forested “greenbelt”.... No steps either and all the doors and hallways are wheelchair, walker and electroscoot compatible... The village is dog friendly too....

Then onto the Tavern for lunch and even Carol had the Banngersandmash and remarked how nice it was.....

Onto Old Bar to check out the scene. The retirement village there pales into insignificance alongside Halliday Shores... The road in has had a lot of work done to it since last we were here when we stayed here for Aunty Vera's 95th Birthday... Then drove back to Tuncurry and got some bread for breakfast...

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