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Hi! i haven't had internet access for a few days so i can fill you in now on our second last day in Fiji.

We hired a taxi for the day and went to the kula eco park in sigatoka town where they have lots of birds, reptiles and other animals over a large lush green forest of trees. There were a lot of iguanas that have been rescued from smugglers and deserted islands and are being breeded to avoid extinction. we got to hold them and they were really friendly and cute. We also got the option of holding snakes, although we didn't really like the thought of it, i decided to just hold the baby boa constrictor. Sylvia was brave and had the bigger boa constrictor around her neck, it was pretty scary.

Also at the park, they had sea turtles and we fed them but they weren't interested in the food at all.

One thing that was on out to do list for Fiji was to do a village tour as Fijians live in small villages all over the island. We visited a village with a population of 250 people where they make pottery. We were welcomed by one of the grandmothers who showed us around, she had 5 children and 7 grandchildren. They houses in the village are quite primitive and they cook using fire stoves. There was a Methodist church where the village gathers every sunday. The fijian people are so lovely and friendly, they are always happy and very welcoming.

The womens club at the village welcomed us into their hall with a song and dance, they then showed us a pottery making demonstration which was amazing, just using their hands, no tools! We danced with them and had a kava drinking ceremony and each woman showed us the pottery they had made, they are very clever and most of them had made turtle families from the clay which is good luck.

On the way home to our resort we stopped at the intercontinental resort which is one of the most expensive resorts in Fiji and has the worlds 9th best beach. I think it costs more then $1000 per night to stay there.

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