Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2014 travel blog

Our campsite

Flowers in the lot "dividers"

A bee in the flower

I'm trying like mad to get this blog caught up and I'm a year behind so I'll just put comments on our "travel sheet" in with no yakkity-yak until we get more up-to-date, okay? Bad Penny; bad, bad Penny!!

N on I-5 then CA12 towards Lodi.

Easy drive, sunny day. Light wind.

Heavy traffic until past Stockton then not too bad.

Slow up for what they call the "Cone Zone" (work areas)

Small river but big ships in Stockton.

Lots and lots of birds to wake up to as opposed to jets in Vegas

Cool nights, warm days

HUGE dog run area!!!

Went to tail end of a Taco cook-off....good tacos

Campground is a little expensive for our budget but 2 nights at PA is okay.

Very level, long concrete lots with pretty plants and tree on each side.

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