2014 Memphis 3 travel blog

National Cemetary Nashville

Barry Sadler

Pickers Place

not for sale


more stuff

Pickers building

Ernest Tubbs record store

Saturday was a new day but was it hot already in the morning at 6:30 AM. Candy needed to visit Walmart so we found a Walmart close and drove to it. Come to find out it was not a full store, it was a Walmart marketplace only grocery. We had passed the National Cemetery of Nashville Tennessee on the way. Decided we would take a drive through as you see by the pictures it is a lot like Arlington National Cemetery. People are buried there that fought in the Civil War and beyond. The one notable person I found was Sergeant Barry Sadler, he wrote the song “Ballad of the Green Berets”. Also was an advisor on the John Wayne movie “The Green Berets”. He had a troubled life after the military and ended up dying at the age of 49.

On the drive back to the campground we stopped and looked at some motorhome that were for sale. They had a couple of new ones, $300,000 but we passed on that. We did look at some used ones at camping world and a couple of other dealers. Got an idea of what some of the nice floor plans are but we are just looking, which does not cost money.

We did drive over to the American Pickers Nashville retail store. The store was backed but the only thing they were selling was hats and tee shirt. I did get some good pictures inside the store of items that they bought on the TV show, it was an interesting stop. They are located in the artsy section of Nashville as you see in the pictures.

We have left there and drove back to the motorhome. Candy wanted to see the Opryland Hotel, I stayed back and she drove over, it was only 5 minutes from the campground. She came back and we drove down and look at a couple more used motorhomes. Candy around the sale of some items at the mall so she drove back over the mall. Tonight we will be getting ready to leave in the morning for Memphis. Damn, is it hot and humid here.

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