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The teachers house




The milliner

Craftsman row


Parts of a shoe

Cffins in the carpenter shop

Old sign

The pharmacy

School children



The bakers


The Mintmaster's Mansion

Ceiling inside the mansion

The main ball room


The ironmonger 1927

We remember these!

1974 hairdressers

1974 grocers

1974 street

The retired headmistress flat 1974

The commune 1974

The Gynae clinic 1974

Daisy fascinated by the baby morhens

Baby morhens

Today we headed to Aarhus the second largest city in Denmark. The main purpose of the day was to visit the highly recommended Den Gamle By open air museum. The museum brings together a collection of houses and buildings from around Denmark into a historic old town. The main area covers the period of the 1700s/1800s and explains the history and trades of the period. Similar to other open air museums there was costume guides in some of the houses. We tasted a rather nice vegetable and bacon soup, bought a couple of delightful cakes at the bakery and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the houses. It always takes us longer than most as although Daisy was allowed in the streets she wasn’t allowed in the buildings so we took it in turns to go into the houses.

There was also two other periods within the museum -1927 and 1974. The 1927 houses were limited but the 1974 shops and houses were fascinating despite building works taking place adding more houses. The 1974 Radio shop had good old black and white televisions and tape cassette recorders. (When we remember things that are in museums now we realise we are getting old!). The 1974 flats were fascinating with the contrast between the generations. The top flat was set up as a commune, the middle flat was an affluent family of four and the third flat was a single retired headmistress.

We had spent all day there and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

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