Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2014 travel blog

A sign of times to come!

A HUGE cattle feed lot.

Lots of trees ... and new ones planted

Neat planting designs.

The irrigation canal from which farmers buy water

A little Swiss influence here

And Spanish (?) influence?

Our campsite at Kit Fox

Our neighbor brings lots of pets!

I was almost a bit afraid to hit the road today considering we had trouble our first 2 days on the road but we've got to keep moving if we plan to get to Oregon and Washington by July. So, on the road by our normal 10:00-ish for the beautiful drive to our next stop in Patterson, California. Short run up a much-improved CA-99 then west on CA-198 to I-5. From there it was an easy 100-mile run north through the San Jaquin Valley where they grow all sorts of neat crops and trees. We passed several miles of what appeared to be cherry tomatoes and oh, how I wanted to stop and pick a bunch but, knowing our luck, we'd get caught so with heavy heart we continued our northward journey. Lots of signs saying "Stop the Congress Created Dust Bowl" and "No water = no crops = no jobs". Orchards full of dead trees; new saplings planted in other places. Crossed 2 canals with water in them so some areas are getting water but I just saw on the news this evening that what cost $17,000 last year to water 100 acres now costs the farmer $270,000!!! And we wonder why our food prices are going up. Yet in the mid-north states, the crops are getting flooded out. Somehow we've got to figure out a way to lasso those rain clouds and drag them to where they're needed.

I think California hired a Pennsylvania highway engineer to do the bridge work out here because the bumps and bounces when getting on, crossing, and getting off a highway bridge are horrible...enough to shake your eye teeth (whatever they are) out.

Pulled into the Kit Fox RV Park around 1:15...162 miles. Nice park...clean, quiet, well-kept grounds. Too many lights, at each campsite...which is nice but hard to see dark skies. Had slide trouble again but a new fuse fixed that. Somewhere along this journey, we're going to have to stop at an RV repair place and see just what the problem is...before we wreck the slide-out motor. THAT would be an expensive fix!

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