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Today we drove to the west coast particularly the island of Rømø. The roads are good in Denmark and not very busy so it is very easy to bowl along through the rolling pastoral countryside.

The island of Rømø is located on the west coast in south Jutland in the Wadden Sea. It is connected to the mainland by a 10km causeway. After driving across the causeway we had to travel to the south of the island (all of 7km) to find the tourist office for a detailed map of the island.

The long west-coast beach area of the island is just one big play area. The sand appeared to extend out for miles. At Sønderstrand we sat watching land –yachts or sand yachts and buggies with parachute like kites hurtling at great speeds across the sand. Heather decided she was going to put sand yachting on her bucket list. It looked great fun and no water involved. Tony wasn’t so sure. There was also someone bike surfing –riding on a normal bike but with kite pulling him along- that takes some balance!

Inland the island has heather moors and wooded areas where we found a lovely walking trail. In Denmark dogs are required to be kept on leads at all times when out particularly in country areas. However we discovered they provide dog parks in the forest which are fully enclosed where dogs can be let off. So Daisy after here walk on the hiking trail on lead was able to have some off lead time.

We then visited The Kommandørgârden the thatched former home of an 18th century whaling captain before we headed back to base.

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