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This mural depicts the horses pulling the boats along the "Towpaths". These...

This shows the locks of the original canal in Jordan.

Very interesting tree!

Some very hungry baby birds in the nest waiting for Momma to...

The beautiful and calm Erie Canal.

This is a big farming area.


The waterfront in Syracuse.

The biking trail in Syracuse, very beautiful.


A park bench and some shade for some rest and lunch. M

Chittenango, NY, is the birthplace of the author of "The Wizard of...

In the downtown core of Chittenango, they have painted the sidewalks to...

Some more scenic canal shots.

The trail was quite narrow here!

Mom, Dad and babies taking a rest on the trail.

Babies were so cute!

June 20

Weedsport to Canastota

We started the day biking through a hamlet called Jordan. Jordan sprang up when the original canal was built. However they quickly realized the original canal was not big enough for the amount of traffic so they decided to make it bigger. And in Jordan they actually moved the canal a few miles north only 10 years after the original canal was built which spelled the demise of this once bustling community. You'll see some pictures that we posted of some abandoned locks where you can still see scratches in the stone from the lock gates opening and closing.

Biked today through the city of Syracuse. Quite beautiful and we picnicked on the waterfront. I must say everyone we've encountered along the route have been so friendly. Many times we are stopped on the side of the roads looking though our maps and people will stop in their cars (even doing a U turn!) to ask us if we need help. They are usually quite familiar with the Canal trail and are eager to help.

They usually ask us about our ride and where we are from. When we say "Northern" Ontario, it's as if we told them Timbucktoo or Mars for that matter. You see them smile and you know they are thinking igloos and Eskimos!

We met up today with a retired couple, mid 60's, who have been biking the same route as we have. Only thing is, they started in St. Louis, Missouri and are biking all the way to Rhode Island. 1700 miles! Our 350 miles now seems piddley! When we met them they had been on the road for a month. We joined them for supper, it was lovely.

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