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My goodness. We certainly got off to an early (for us) start today. We were on the road by 8:40 a.m.!! I wanted to leave early because they're predicting windy weather with gusts to 50 mph and we have to go through the Tehachapi Pass and along that stretch is where I thought we'd run into those winds and gusts but, thankfully, there were none along our whole route. Hear my sigh of relief here? From CA-58, we merged onto CA-99, a route we had taken a couple of years ago on the way to Yosemite and, at that time, it was horrendous. This time, it was a rather nice road, at least until we got off right before Tulare, California. After we finally got set up, we went to Walmart in Tulare and found that this is where the rougher road starts...and we'll have to travel it on our way to the next stop in Patterson, CA. Oh well.

So we pull into our campsite (took me 3 tries and the Ti STILL isn't straight!)in this nice mobile home park and the living room slide won't go out!!! No problem with the den slide (small slide) but the big slide is getting absolutely no juice to it. Bob checked the fuses and they were okay then he went to the office to see if they could recommend someone but all they didn't know of any (except Camping World in Fresno which is about 40 miles from here) so they gave him a phone book and I called a whole bunch. Either no answer or they weren't open on weekends. Getting a little panicky by now (we could live with the slide in but it sure would be cramped and we couldn't sit on our chairs), I called Camping World. After hearing they wouldn't do a service call down to Tulare, I asked if they could recommend anyone. Nope, no one in the shop knew of anyone. BUT they called back about 5 minutes after we hung up and said they DID have 2 I had already called and another who answered his phone!! Now we're getting somewhere. And yes, he could come down in about an hour after he was finished the job he was one. Well, he was here within 30 minutes and after another 20 minutes, we had power to the the tune of $120.00!

Even though we had a short trip today (120 miles) plus 10 miles round-trip to Walmart, I'm pooped. Gonna' go sit in a comfy chair and take a nap. You can do that when you're retired, you know...whenever you want to. :-)

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