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Lots of people attended Farmers Market in Bozeman, MT, today.

You can tell by Willie's face he was thrilled to be there......

Then we drove over to spend some time sightseeing at Montana State...

I think this would be a lovely place to go to school....

Another shot of the area around MSU.

Then we drove up to Bridger Bowl Ski Area. A lovely drive...

After dinner this evening we walked around downtown Bozeman.

Downtown Bozeman, MT, on a Saturday night.

It looks as if Willis shared a joke with this grizzly bear.

What a fun day we had in Bozeman, MT, today!

We started the morning off at the fairgrounds for Farmers’ Market. Fresh lettuce, rhubarb, radishes, homemade cookies, jams… what a delight to the senses as we wandered the many booths. Willis didn’t like the crowds but I found it exhilarating.

Following our morning at the fairgrounds we headed over to the campus of Montana State University. What a lovely place to go to school. Close to lots of outdoor activities and the campus looked modern and well designed.

After spending some time at MSU we decided to go see the local ski resort, Bridger Bowl Ski Area. It is only 16 miles from Bozeman and a very lovely drive. Mountains, snow capped peaks, meadows of wildflowers, rivers, bubbling streams, deer… all combine for such beauty. (On a side note: I think Willis is getting tired of me saying, “Oooh, wouldn’t that be a fun river/stream to fish in” as we drive over the many rivers/streams these last few weeks. I just can’t get over how clear and beautiful the water is here!)

We then returned to Mongo, enjoyed some cherries we bought at the Farmers’ Market for a lunch snack, and then headed back out to downtown Bozeman to walk and explore some more. We poked through shops, relaxed on some of the many comfortable benches scattered down the street to “people watch”, and basically appreciated the many sights and activities a college town has to offer. We generally relish college towns for their street musicians, art studios, pubs and coffee shops with café seating on the sidewalks, dog friendly businesses, and quirky boutiques and Bozeman has all that.

Now we are relaxing back in Mongo for the evening and leaving the Bozeman nightlife to the college kids. However, I believe Bozeman has made my list of “one of my favorite stops”.

Happy Travels,


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