Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2014 travel blog

Lost driver's side fender. $$$$

Very big and VERY BRIGHT! Those are all solar panels below the...

Was this a rockslide or just sand going up the mountain?

Our campsite at Sierra Trails RV Park. Just sand.

Nellie checking on Chirp.

We DID it! We finally left Las Vegas. But we do so like it here because our campground is so convenient to everything. I think, though, I’m a little weary of the jets flying over from the base. They ARE loud and now, with the stuff going on in Iraq, they’re moving a lot of big tankers and cargo planes in and out. Those guys are pretty neat and they’re not as loud as the jets. There was one HUGE something that took off (they take off right over the campground) and as it passed over the campground, it was still so low and so very rumbly, it set off a car alarm in the park. You could feel it vibrate through the trailer!

So anyway, off we go around 10:00 a.m., heading for our next stop in Mojave, California. It’s an easy drive right down I-15 then onto CA-58 then CA-14 for about a mile and there we are, at our next stop . But every so often you run into a snag in your plans and today was no exception. About 23 miles after leaving the campground, I hear a strange sound, look into the side view mirror and there’s our trailer tire tread, out in the middle of the highway! (I think it hit a car as it was leaving our trailer!) Plus we lost our left side "fender" which is going to be a bit expensive to replace. Thank goodness for Good Sam Emergency Road Service. They sent someone out to change our tire and about 1 ½ hours later, we’re on our way again. Thankfully, the rest of the trip is uneventful (if you don’t count the time we heard a “thud” and thought it was us so we pulled over to check everything out again. Couldn’t find anything amiss so we figure it was something in the area we were going through.

Passed a HUGE solar farm about a mile south of Primm, Nevada. This is the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility. If you have Google Earth, you can “go to” Primm then go south a bit. Once you see it from the air, you can really zoom in closely. It is pretty interesting. Here’s another article about it.

We pulled into the Sierra Trails RV Park around 4 p.m. It's an okay park. One section is for permanent residents and overnighters who want a back-in, sewered spot and it has lots of nice trees which equal nice shade and some very nice units. However, since I don't "do" back-ins if it can be avoided, we opted for a non-sewered pull thru spot out in the sun. Heck, it's not as hot here as in Vegas so it won't bother us for a couple of nights and the price is right...$13.50 with our Passport America membership. We can live with that quite well, thank you.

Nellie likes it because she finally has new ground to explore. Taco could care less but I'm sure there are new smells for him out there, too. Sam and Chirp...same ole-same ole. When we were walking Nellie and Taco outside this evening, something flew over rather close to the ground. Bob thought it was a bat at first but when it flew over us again, it was only about 15' off the ground and I saw it was a bird. Oh my, is it an hawk ready to grab Nellie? But you'd hear a hawk flying, wouldn't you. This bird made absolutely no sound as it flew over us. I did get to see its underwings and because of the stripe near each wingtip, I think it was a Nighthawk and from what I read on the internet, they're mostly insect eaters. Nellie is safe. I still don't tie her be out alone at night, though, because I'm not too sure what type of wildlife (coyotes, in particular) might be around here. Didn't have to worry about that in Las Vegas. She's not a happy camper because of that, lol. I'm a happy camper, though, because it's very peaceful and quiet! And even though the temps are in the 90s during the day, it cools off very nicely at night. I even had to wear my sweatshirt when we took the animals for their "before bedtime" walk!


We drove into California City today for diesel ($4.02/gallon). We recognized some places and remembered we stopped here in 2012 when we stayed at another park in Mojave on the way to Yosemite National Park. Nothing else too much.


We were supposed to leave today but Bob woke up with a headache so we decided to stay one more day. Nothing much else, I guess. I had already stowed all our stuff in their traveling spots and just left everything there.

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