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We were up again at 5am UK time(6am European) & had our breakfast in the cabin. We had brought up our cereals, milk, kettle etc from the motorhome so it was home from home so to speak.

We were called down to our vehicles at 6.30am ready for disembarkation. The line of cars to the side of us pulled off one by one & then our line started off so I followed the car in front & moved forward only to have one of the crew in an orange boiler suit jump in front of me frantically waving his arms & pointing up. Just a few get in front & above us was the bottom corner of an intermediate car deck if he hand' stopped me we would probably have scraped the top of our roof off. I still can't believe that they parked us in this location the night before with no indication of a height problem. We had to sit tight for 10 minutes or so until all the cars on the upper deck had disembarked & they raised the deck itself up a few feet to allow us & the other high vehicles behind us to go forward off the ship.

After that little fright it was just a 2hr drive home to Lowestoft to prepare for the onslaught of the grandchildren which commenced at 9.30am. Despite my wife's claims I did not rearrange our plans in order to get home in time to watch England's first World Cup game against Italy, but it was a bonus.

Well that's all now for this trip. A total of 5,621 miles though Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Sweden. My only regret is that I should have reversed our direction of travel & visited Sweden & Finland before Norway. Norway was just so spectacular that the pretty woods & lakes scenery of the other countries was a bit of an anti-climax for us.

We found on this trip that we could manage pretty well without an electrical hookup for most of the time & using our portable solar panel as necessary, together with a 12-220volt inverter to charge Viv's laptop. The LPG bottle also was a great success & we only had to refill it twice on the whole trip costing just £10 in total. We averaged £10 a night for site fees having free camped on 8 nights along the way. We used a total of 187galls (851 ltrs) of diesel at a cost of £1,029 & averaged 30.06mpg. Along the way we switched between Euros & Danish, Swedish & Norwegian Kronas, made 7 ferry trips & went through dozens of tunnels, & crossed some pretty marvellous bridges. We saw hundreds of waterfalls, numerous raging rivers, snow, snow & more snow. Although we saw loads of motorhomes everywhere we didn't see a single other UK plated motorhome until we got back to Denmark, although we did talk to a British motorcyclist & a lone lady cyclist in Norway.

It was a marvellous experience & I am so pleased we did it when we did. The next big trip will hopefully be after Xmas when we are looking at driving down to the Southern tip of Italy but that is some way off as yet.

Mileage to day - 67

Mileage to date - 5621

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