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Up & on the road at 5am intending to get down past Hamburg before stopping for breakfast, which we did, & missing the worst of the rush hour traffic. We had about 420 miles left to do but it was motorway type roads all the way so barring problems we had till 9.30pm to make the ferry terminal. Only slight hiccup was when stopping at yet another McDonalds, only for the wifi, I checked my emails to find that Stena had confirmed our revised ferry booking. Unfortunately they had changed it to the 10.30pm ferry last night instead of tonight. Ouch! Could it be the "Friday The Thirteenth" curse? Fortunately another call to the booking office sorted out the problem & we were rebooked on tonight's ferry.

After that it was just a steady drive West all the way across Germany & Holland. We got to the Hook of Holland at 6pm & drove along the harbour mouth & parked up for our last meal before boarding the ferry at 8pm. The ferry seemed pretty empty & we were directed to the side & parked up. Then it was straight up to the cabin for a shower & bed although I did watch the Holland v Spain match on the TV.

Mileage to day - 445

Mileage to date - 5554

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