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River Taxi

Opera House

The Little Mermaid

The Marble Church

Nyhavn Canal

Christiansborg Palace

Old Stock Exchange

We were up & out early this morning. We wanted to take the water taxi up along the river to visit the statue of the "Little Mermaid", a famous Copenhagen feature. The ride up the river was very pleasant as the boat zigzagged it's way up the river past several landmarks including the Royal Library & the Opera House. We managed to beat the tourist crowd as there were only a couple of people at the statue when we got there. The statue sits on a rock at the waters edge near an old star shaped fortification & is quite small.

After taking the usual touristy photos we wandered back through the streets to have a look at the Marble Church, the Christianborg Palace & the Old Stock Exchange. We particularly liked the area along the Nyhavn canal with all the boats along the quay sides. We caught the river taxi & returned to the camp site for lunch.

We were going to stay two nights in Copenhagen but decided to move on later today & get out of the city. I had managed to contact one of the people who was in my Nepal trekking group last year, he lives in Copenhagen, so we arranged to meet up this afternoon so after lunch we packed up & drove out to the East of the city to meet him & have a coffee& a chat.

We left the city about 5pm on a lovely sunny evening intending to get about a hundred miles or so along the road before stopping. As I was driving along I was calculating distances & times etc. It's just over six hundred odd miles from Copenhagen to the Hook of Holland & there wasn't anything we really wanted to do or see along the way so I said to Viv that if we pushed on tonight we could get the night ferry tomorrow night. So we stopped at a handy McDonalds to use their wifi & see about changing our ferry booking. I wasn't able to do it on line & ended up phoning the Stena booking office & made the change. There was an extra charge as it was a night ferry but we knew that would be the case.

We used up our remaining Danish Kronas on burgers & fries before heading West back to the German border. We parked up about 10pm just across the border in a rest area, along with a bunch of lorries, & bedded down for the night.

Mileage to day - 214

Mileage to date - 5109

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