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View of the boat from Kinderdijk

One of the windmills

Another windmill

More windmills (and John of course)

"Johann's Ark"

A view of the ark with animals in the port holes

Hot air balloon at sunset

We arrived in Kinderdijk sometime overnight but I missed it. I guess that's a good thing since it means I had a good sleep.

We had breakfast before heading off.

We decided to do a tour on our own of the windmills, rather than the organized one.

There are 19 working windmills, built in the mid-18th century. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Families actually live in them and are required to keep them in working order. The area where the windmills are located is actually below the level of the water where the ship is docked as much of this area of The Netherlands is below sea level.

After everyone returned to the ship, it set sail for Cologne, where we arrive some time tomorrow morning.

The current of the Rhine River traveling in a southerly direction is so strong, the ship can only travel about 9-12 knots. On the reverse trip, it travels almost twice that speed. I googled the Rhine current speed from south to north and Wiki Answers says it is 9 meters/second, which is 17.5 knots/hour or 20 mph! I imagine the fuel consumption on the Amsterdam-Basle route is substantially more than the reverse.

While on the water, while passing Dordrecht, Netherlands, there is a full-sized replica of Noah's Ark built by Johann Huibers. According to my research, Huibers is a Christian and used Books 6-9 of Genesis to build this ark. It is 427 feet long, has a 95 foot beam and is 75 feet high. Amazing! There are even plastic animals hanging out the port holes and a huge giraffe on the bow.

We just enjoyed the cruise for the afternoon, sat on our balcony and watched the river (and shoreline) go by, and of course had a few bites to eat now and then.

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