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Peak hour at HARD PLACE. I just thought I,d post it as...

Parked at the Sofala Rest Stop

Building works on Grandfathers "Block"

An old Verandah

The Post Office

We have escaped for a few weeks..... The geriatrics were just too much to handle..... So here we are at beautiful down town Rylstone, a very casual van park, you phone the manager, your message is converted to an SMS, manager comes around and collects your fare like a tram conductor....

Anyway a nice run today will little evidence of idiots on the road except between Gordon and Yass. Stopped at Sofala for a late lunch and the sun was shining, very pleasant. Had the usual walk around and discovered to our amazement that someone is building a small residence on the McConnell land at the corner of Davis and Bowen Sts. Must be the first new house in Sofala this century (and probably last), I,ll call in next ANZAC Day and introduce Mum who it is hoped will be in Sofala for the ANZAC Centenary.

We had Lunch at the Cafe and even Gracie was catered to with a selection of Lamb Offcuts tartare. Of course I had the pork snags and mash while Carol had the local flathead, calamari and chips.... The Pub was doing a roaring trade catering to a Ford Falcon Rally. The cars were not eating, just the owners.

Then we drove on to Rylstone; passing under the remnants of the aerial ropeway that used to carry the limestone to the Kandos Cement works. I remember it working as a small child along with the similar set up to take gravel to Warragamba Dam....

Tomorrow we move on to a destination as yet undecided, we will decide when we know what the weather is doing where we will stop. Rain has developed here and we have had a few heavy showers.

Unfortunately we will miss the markets tomorrow...

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