Masters World Cup - July 2014 travel blog

The path we take to the Hockey each day

One of the cool bridges and funky buildings in town

We've seen quite a few of these. The lady came and rolled...

The burbs in Rotterdam. They survived the WW2 bombing.

More burn houses. These are the real deal - old school Dutch...

Jen and I with the Russians

Sorry for the day off, but our building had internet issues. We are now connected to the world again and thus can catch up with you all. It also means I have no excuse not to do my uni marking. Bummer 𯘑. Yesterday, Jenny, Arthur and I went on a cruise. Rotterdam Port is the largest in Europe and 3rd busiest in the world (up to 2002 was #1, but over taken by Singapore and Shanghai). It opened in the 14C because it has access to the Maas, Rhine and Meuse Rivers and cargo can be unloaded and into central Europe in a jiffy. Now, it covers 105 square km and a distance of 40km. Anyway, enough of the stats. It's always interesting to see a city by its waterway. This was okay but there are only so many photos you can take of cranes and containers.

In the afternoon, we donned our green and gold and headed for a semi final against England. Jen and I are now quite famous and the Germans, Russians and some other ransoms asked for photos with us. In between paparazzi moments, the Aussie girls won 2\0 and have booked a Grand Final berth against Holland. It should be a cracker of a match as both teams are very good. We will need to be in full song to drown out a stadium of orange!

Today was a rest day in the hockey. Nan had some captain stuff to do in the morning so Jen and I hit the shops. I was exhausted by the end but Jenny is a machine! Nan then caught up with us and we went to the Cool District for lunch then down the street to the Museum Square. Go figure - it's right,smack in the middle of COOL DISTRICT! Now, we already knew that museum means something quite different in Europe. It's a gallery really. Not an artifact in sight, except painting and sculpture. If you can remember, I was disappointed to miss the Dutch and Flanders Art at the Louvre, so I've decided to make up for it in Holland and Belgium. Today was great. Check out my Facebook page for examples. For those of you who just went, ' check out, what?' (Yes, dad), we saw; Rubens, van Gough, Rembrandt, Monet, Matisse, Kandinsky, Picasso, Cezanne, Dali, Gauguin.... Was great, well set out and we saw 10 other people in the whole place. Awesome by my criteria!

We have just finished watching the Hockeyroos beat USA and Holland beat Argentina on the TV. Tomorrow, I really need to do some work, then it's out to the hockey for the big one! A medal at a world cup. Very special.

Love to all. We are all well, although Nan is held together by tape, anti-inflams and physio/massage. The lot of a Masters player in a tough competition. Will let you all know how it goes.

C xxxxx

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