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First encounter at a rest area.

Tree survived lighting and flooding.

The young and the old.

Tree statistics.

Called the Flat-Iron Tree.

Full lengh view.

Again the pose.

One of the biggest trees.


View of the Eel River Valley

Another pose.

Of course Gophie and Gophette came along.

The log camper.

Looking up - three football fields.

Taking a hike through the trees.

The drive through the park! Lot's of WoW moments.

Beside the roots of a fallen giant.

Reminded me of a commercial, had to do it.

Of course there is a drive thru tree.

The pose in front.

Yes, they posed too.

Another drive photo on the way out.

Today we took the 31 mile drive through Humbolt Redwoods State park also known as "The Avenue of the Giants".

There are several large groves of Redwoods. Coast redwoods are taller than any other living thing. They can live over 2000 years old. They have withstand fires, floods and insects. This area has never been logged.

Driving through was amazing. Redwoods lined the shoulders. It gave you the feeling of being in a tunnel with rays of sunlight.

The Eel River flooded in 1964 wiping out the town of Pepperwood. The trees survived.

We took many pictures. If you didn't get enough of the grandkids in front of big trees and logs send us a note. We have many many more which we can add.

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