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From Huntington/Firefox KOA – Milton, WV

Remember me stating in the last post that today would be a day to relax from our long trip from Charlotte? Well it was far from that…….in fact it was a real wacky, weird, unusual Friday but would not call it relaxing by any means.

Slept in a little later this morning and headed out to breakfast at a place we had seen many billboard ads for yesterday on our drive here……Tudor’s Biscuit World. Found the one located in Milton and put the address in GyPSy Jill and off we went. All good until we were supposed to be at the location and we did not see the street she was telling us to turn on in fact the only street even close was I-64. So we went under the interstate and were going to turn around and look again………….WRONG!

Once under the interstate we were on a remake of Lombard Street, the “crookedest street” in San Francisco except this “crookedest street” went on for 7+ miles! We literally could not find a large enough area, drive, or place to turn around until we had driven 7 miles. Then the only way back that Jill would show was to return on the road from hell in dueling banjo territory of West Virginia.

At this point we said forget Tudor’s biscuits we were headed for McDonalds. But lo and behold when we crossed back under I-64 like an oasis in the desert there was Tudor’s and the road we were supposed to turn on looked like an alley between it and a convenience store. Oh, by the way, the biscuits weighed about a pound and for sure were not of the light and fluffy family……just saying maybe McDonalds would have been better all around.

OK, we were now going to drive over to a nearby Wal-Mart for a few items and for me to get a pedicure-manicure in the in-store nail salon. Rudy went to get the items and kill time while I was in the nail salon. Just as I had moved over to the manicure station and was soaking my finger nails all hell broke out and everyone was told to get out of the store immediately as there was a gas leak! With toe spacers between my toes I hurried out the exit door with all the other mass of shoppers and workers. Not seeing Rudy I called (I know now I think about the gas company ad saying do not use your phone) him and he was not even aware of the evacuation so he just left the basket and met me out front.

Not knowing when or if we would be allowed back into the store we got in the truck and looked for another Wal-Mart close to again shop for the few items we needed. It was only about 10 minutes away so off we went. Got what we needed but wait……..I suddenly realized in exiting the nail salon so quickly I left my watch and wedding ring behind! Now would they reopen the store yet today for me to get it or would we have to delay our start tomorrow and return then to get them, if they were still there!

Could this day get any crazier? We returned to the trailer to put up the items we had gotten and to let Cody out to potty. While there I decided to give the nail salon a call to see if by chance they were back in the building…….had their phone number on the receipt for my pedicure. Yep, with a gas leak looming, they needed me to pay before I left the building! They answered and said yes, they were back and had found my ring and watch and would hold it for me……….took my first deep breath since realizing I had left it behind.

By now it was past lunch time and we had seen a Steak ‘n Shake close to the Wal-Mart. So we decided to drive back over to the 1st Wal-Mart we visited today and pick up my jewelry then stop at Steak ‘n Shake for lunch. That too added to today’s bizarre happenings. After our waiter being very forgetful with our ordering and having to go back numerous times to get it correct as we were leaving he gave us our ticket and then walking away fell spread eagle on the floor. Thank goodness he was not hurt except for his ego.

To end our wacky day we went to Pizza Hut and found it to be in transition toward a move across the street and become a takeout/delivery only establishment. That sounds OK except the menu is a bare bones one if that. Rudy ordered unsweet tea and they said they no longer served unsweet tea (guess people don’t order that for takeout). Answer was that they wanted to use up all their supply as not to have to move it! Guess if the Pepperoni runs out before the move……you cannot order a Pepperoni Pizza till they reorder stock at the new store across the street.

Just had to share this day with you and also log it for future look backs and laughs by us. As Rudy said you could not make up a day like this!

Till Later……………..

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