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Hello everyone

Sorry for the delay have had trouble finding the internet, won't be able to reply emails as very expensive so here is the update. Arrived here I think Sat afternoon, cant really remember as have lost track of time. We took a mini bus from Cameron Highlands to the coast where we were told a ferry would take us over to the Island...it wasn't a ferry in the slightest just a little random wooden boat, was pretty cool though.

Arrived on the island, had to wade throught the water with our bags to actually get on the beach. We're staying in huts, and when i say huts i mean huts....2 beds and mosquito nets thats as far as out luxury goes. Shared bathroom which is pretty grim. Other than that the place is fantastic no roads, cars, not even a town just a beach with a few restaurants and huts. There was a full moon party Sunday night which was fun, watched a storm last night got some fab photos (haven't lost the camera Dad)other than that have just spend the days chilling. Managed to burn my face yesterday and had now blistered which is attractive but no sun today thank god. Anyway have to go as need to plan next leg of trip which is Phi Phi i think, will be in contact soon.

Love Kate


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