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Gareth and his Dad in Bangkok. You can tell we're both well...

Greetings from Bangkok Airport!

We're jumping on our flight in 30 mins, so we thought we'd quickly jump on to say that we had a great time in Thailand. The culture, food and way of life are very different to anything that we've seen before - definately something for you to see if you fancy a holiday.

Thanks to dad and Phornpan for letting us clutter up their house for the last 4 weeks - we've had a ball. They kept trying to make us eat squid / octopus / chicken knuckles etc, but I think we did OK with the Thai food!

Remember - if it gets too hot... "Mai Prick!" should do the trick ;-)

So Kop Keun Ma Khruep (oh however it's spelt..)


Onwards now folks...

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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